To the students who are appearing for their exams and panicking about their results. There’s something which you need to know BE SOMETHING WHICH OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM STOPS US FROM BECOMING i.e. BE CURIOUS. Moreover EXAMS don’t serve as life or death sentences. Exams are just a part of your life like everything else is. Exams are not barriers rather they are gateway to something better and that gate is never locked. Sometimes, it’s difficult to crack an exam or score good marks, and that’s not because the gate is locked it’s because the gate is jammed for some reasons therefore you have to apply some force to get pass that gate.

Let me put it this way life is a multi-storey building having both lift and stairs. Good marks will help you to use the lift but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the stairs to go to the top.


  1. It’s true…nowadays value of education is only limited upto marks that student gains in the examinations. How knowledgeable the student is can’t be measured by his/her marks rather than can be supported by friends,teachers and family…in due course of time.


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