Indian Society, 2030

People will understand the importance of new technology and will start adopting them.

We might reach the tipping point in chaos and disorder and that will give strong incentives to government and societies to adopt effective strategies for countering them.

We might finally stop associating Islam with Terrorism because our views on terrorism are a plate of scrambled eggs consisting mostly of fear and fiction.

Third gender people might not have to board a train just for the sake of demanding money.

We might have an Education System, where one goes an extra step to question the curriculum. Where one does not follow the curriculum like blind sheep’s in a queue, where one says that “Sir, something is not correct and we aren’t enjoying our lessons”. We might finally have an Education system that makes eminent leaders and not just the perfect employee.

English, just like any other language, will be used to express oneself and not as a tool to impress others

We might start talking about Depression and suicide because it is a reality that no one talks about.

Parents, instead of putting so much pressure on their child, might start talking to them about what they really want. They might understand those dreams that just stays in the pages of their diaries and slam books.

We might openly start talking about sanitary napkins and condoms. If a person wants to have SEX and intents to buy a condom then he can buy that from his regular chemist shop rather than searching for the most desolate chemist shop. We might not have to change the channel when an ad of condom or sanitary napkins pops up. Menstruation and Sex might not be considered as a taboo anymore.

People might start matching hearts for marriage and not just horoscope, because marriage is an institution where people learn to stay and remain happy together and not a place where reservations are made on the basis of caste,color,religion.

Men might stop issuing and justifying “Rape threats” to woman who have opinions, under the name of “Freedom of expression”, because threatening is not Freedom of Expression it’s a misuse of that freedom. Moreover if one wants to question a woman’s opinion then they should do it with their mind and not with their gun.

Finally, we might start accepting the fact that it is normal to be in a live-in relationship, it’s normal to have sex before marriage, public display of affection is also normal and most importantly if two people have sex that does not mean that they are bound to stay together.

That is how I imagine Indian Society in 2030.

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