National Anthem in Theatres

*Please read with an open mind*

I have seen people arguing that if an army personnel can sacrifice their life for their country, why can’t we Indians stand for 52 seconds for our country. They support their argument by mentioning that if you say that you do not want to stand for your national anthem then even army personnel should also say the same thing and they should also quit their work.

Now I will take my example, when I do a socially useful productive work then I do that because that makes me happy. I don’t do that in the hope that someone will praise me for my work because when someone does something good in the hope of getting praises then that spoils the very basic idea of good deeds because good deeds should be done with just one intention and that is to help people and make our country better. Having said that, I have been vocal about my good deeds because I believe that it will inspire people to do the same but my raw intention to do something good is because that gives me happiness. The idea of helping others makes me happy. The idea of helping my country grow makes me happy.

Now coming to the army personnel point, I believe that when someone joins the army, they do it because serving our country makes them happy. They don’t join army with the hope that people will praise their work, they join army because they feel immense pride and joy in serving our nation.

Now coming to my example, I was not fortunate enough to join army so I decided that my way of contributing to our nation will be by educating orphans. Now let’s imagine, Government of India starts an Internship program where they ask Undergraduates to provide basic education to orphans, but then after six months, government issues a notice that because of fewer applicants, they have decided to close the “Educating Orphans” internship program.

Now after seeing this notice, should I also stop my good work?

I can also say that why should I do my bit for my nation when other undergraduates like me don’t even care for our orphans.

So, my point is, I started my good work because that made me happy, so now if I decide to quit that work because of few other people then there’s no difference between them and me. Similarly, if an army personnel says that they are not willing to serve our nation because few Indians didn’t stand for the National Anthem when it was played in a movie theatre then that pollutes their initial cause of serving the nation.

So, if I have to put it in this way, don’t make National Anthem as a measure of one’s patriotism rather make it a common platform where every Indian come and pledge for our country.

P.S. I find it ridiculous when someone says that even an army personnel should quit their job if people refuses to stand for our national anthem because I believe no matter what happens, an army personnel will always serve our country because that’s the one thing that gives him or her the ultimate joy.

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